www.bwabullets.com BWA launches new website for global components sales.

The new Specialty Bullets lines of Monolithic projectiles from Blackwater Ammunition: over 40 proprietary designs for Rifle and Shotgun, over 20 for Pistol ready for global distribution.

In 2020 Blackwater Ammunition launches a brand new website for the global, online marketing of proprietary design Monolithic Specialty Bullets.

With www.bwabullets.com PBM Limited, the global BW brand licensed and exclusive operator, finally introduces a serious, multi-caliber approach and immediate availability of solid bullets for a fast growing global demand.

The alarm is high in Europe for instance, where some Countries have banned lead from any hunting activity on public land and many more are about to pass legislation towards a total or partial lead ban.

BWA has been developing solids of own and proprietary design since the inception of the company and establishment of the factories in various Countries.

It is a firm belief of BWA that this is the trend for the future, offering not only and environment-friendly attitude of both shooters and hunters, but also higher accuracy and predictable ballistic consistency.

At www.bwabullets.com we are now proud to offer about 40 designs in Rifle and Shotgun Solids for 7 popular calibers and about 20 Pistol Solids and Traditional designs in the 3 most popular calibers 9mm, .40 and .45.

More calibers and projectile designs are in the works for a growing family where accuracy, reliability and delivered performance are the laws.

For more information: info@bwabullets.com    info@blackwaterammo.com