10×100 BWA Blackwater Ammunition announces a revolutionary new caliber.

The astounding BWA 10×100: the new caliber bear an aerospace alloy case made of two parts, deriving from the PBM/BWA Patent introduced in 2019 for the .50 BMG, pushing a 420 Carobronze™ monolithic BWA bullet at 3500 Fps.

The brand new 10×100 comes as the first offshoot of the PBM/BWA Patent Pending, two piece aerospace alloy case, machined from solid, introduced at IWA 2018 in Germany.

This new caliber offers a case which bears 20% more powder capacity than a .50 BMG, yet in a total case length only 1 millimeter longer than the parent case .50 BMG, with an OAL of the cartridge equaling that of a .50 BMG.

The BWA 10×100 is the fore runner of an entirely new philosophy, joining in one design one full century of cartridge development on both sides of the Atlantic. The studies and developments of all the great modern cartridge designers are all here, with P.O. Ackley and Roy Weatherby just to name two.

Being the BWA 10×100 is an OAL .50 BMG class cartridge, it is perfectly suited to function in any .50 BMG firearm, magazine, feeding system, with a case bearing the same base diameter of a .50 BMG, with same rim thickness and primer pocket, enabling any bolt, extractor and ejector to function all the same as per a 12,7×99 (.50 BMG).

The 20% more case capacity of the BWA 10×100 and much more technology inside, allows our new caliber to outperform any existing centerfire cartridge on the global market designed to function in a single operator portable firearm: 3500 Fps at the muzzle with the 420 Grs.monolithic Carobronze™ bullet for the flattest shooting combination and power range in a portable weapon system.

During 2019 BWA has been working with a number of industry standards manufacturers to offer a complete range of chamber reamers and loading dies. A specific loading guide is available directly from BWA.

All enquiries to be address to info@blackwaterammo.com