MARCH 9, 2018

Blackwater Ammunition, the new global industrial venture launched at IWA 2018, announces a Patent Pending revolution in the field of intermediate calibers: the first Aerospace Alloy Modular Case 12,7×99/.50BMG.

Blackwater Ammunition is fully aware that the true revolution of the new .50BMG designs rests in the weight factor: the new super alloy case is about half the weight of the parent brass ancestor, procuring in turn up to 35% total round weight reduction, depending on the bullet used.
This is a clear revolutionary element for all airborne operations: any gunship, helicopter or simply logistic air support in ammunition supply, thanks to the new BWA .50BMG rounds will be granted up to 35% more ammunition availability and supply per any given bullet.
Blackwater Ammunition has tested the new super alloy case 12,7×99/.50BMG in many configurations and in various manual and semiautomatic firearms, while the full auto performance is currently under way, with different bullet configurations.
The results are extremely encouraging, having tested the new and revolutionary case beyond any reasonable pressure levels, exceeding 70.000 PSI.
Currently, Blackwater Ammunition is offering the 12,7×99/.50BMG as a complete round only, introducing 2 new bullet designs and made of solid Copper Alloy: a 600 Grs. Infinite Point Solid (IFS) sporting an extremely high BC and very low drag for long range shots, and a 770 Solid bullet, reproducing ballistic performances of a classic .50 loading.
To Government Agencies and Military-Law Enforcement entities, Blackwater Ammuntion also offers an M33 standard Ball round as per NATO specs, with bullet weight ranging between 650 and 710 Grains, as well as AP, API and Tracer variants.